Mindaftermidnight Interview



Machexe is an alternative rap artist based in Virginia. Her sound is a combination of different genres and sonic aesthetics, going for a detail-oriented sound that’s warm, yet crisp and direct. Machexe’s music is particularly notable due to the fact that she can rap, while also bringing a melodic element to her flow. Her most recent single release, “War On” is actually a really perfect example of her ability to come up with genuine and thought-provoking lyrics that speak to the audience. Fans of artists such as Kevin Gates, Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Legend, and Erykah Badu are certainly going to connect with Machexe’s distinctive flow and approach to production and hip-hop songwriting. Through her music, Machexe looks to inspire people and motivate them in order to conquer certain aspects of their lives. Through music, we can all be more free and self-aware, and Machexe is all about breaking the boundaries and setting the bar higher to reach her full potential. 

Find out more about Machexe, and listen to her music. This release is currently available on all major digital music streaming platforms on the web.